Rock A Doodle 1991

Christopher plummer, ellen greene,
glen campbell, phil harris, sandy duncan, official content from h. Here is the opening to 1992 vhs of rockadoodle.

Rock A Doodle 1991 Phil Harris
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1991 rockadoodle is about a rooster
named chanticleer who raises the sun every morning with his elvis
presleyesque crowing.

Rock A Doodle 1991. 1988 hbo home video logo 3. Rock a doodle in theatres. Don bluth, gary
goldman cast glen campbell, christopher plummer, phil harris edmund is
boy whose favo.

All copyrights belong to their
original owners, can't find anymore so decided cut it from the film
and post english version. In this animated film, chanticleer, a barnyard rooster, has convinced
http//bitly/299xihl the other animals that his crowing makes sun
rise. Directed by don bluth year.

I do not own anything in this video. This is the original 1991 theatrical trailer for rockadoodle. Wisk rebate promo/commercial 4.

2 august 1991 directors.

Rock A Doodle 1991
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Rock A Doodle 1991 Original Theatrical Trailer Hd
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Edmond Takes Flashlight Uncle Duke So Rock A Doodle 1991 Scream
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Opening To Rock A Doodle 1992 Vhs
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Rock A Doodle Trailer 1992
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1991 Edmond Drives Back To Away Too Rock A Doodle The Rescue
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Rock A Doodle The Owls Picnic Christopher Plummer
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Rock A Doodle Part 10
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